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Ignite Athlete Program

Managing your menstrual cycle

Module aims

  • Provide an outline of the menstrual cycle and the hormones involved
  • Provide non-hormonal and hormonal management strategies to reduce the negative influence menstrual cycle symptoms on training and performance
  • Highlight when to seek further help from a medical practitioner

We understand as an athlete it can be difficult to manage your menstrual symptoms during training and competition.

To help you manage your period and make sure you can go about your training with as little disruption as possible, we recommend the following menstrual cycle management strategies.


  • They are many ways, both non-hormonal and hormonal, to manage your menstrual cycle and associated symptoms
  • If you are experiencing any of the undesirable symptoms outlined above or would like to learn more about menstrual management strategies, we recommend contacting a specialised women’s health GP to explore whether there is menstrual dysfunction or an alternative issue present
Non-hormonal menstrual management strategies
Hormonal menstrual management strategies
Explore your options
When should I seek medical advice about my menstrual cycle?
Managing your period: Experience from an elite swimmer