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Ignite Athlete Program

RED-S: Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport

Module aims

  • Provide information regarding relative deficiency in sport (RED-S), the effect the condition can have on your health and performance, how it can be diagnosed and treated
  • Indicate you should seek the assistance of a specialised women’s health general practitioner (GP) if you are experiencing any of the RED-S warning signs
  • Normalise the conversation around menstrual dysfunction to improve athlete awareness, health and performance


  • RED-S is a serious condition that is defined as impaired physiological functioning caused by relative energy deficiency, having various negative implications on your body’s essential biological systems and athletic performance.
  • It is important to seek medical advice from a specialised women’s health GP as the early detection of RED-S is crucial to improve performance and prevent long term consequences.
Should I see a doctor?
RED-S as an elite athlete