Junior Racing

Whoever you are, we want you to enjoy the fun of competitive swimming. There aren’t many better feelings than your first competition with your friends or achieving a Personal Best time at a benchmark event. Whatever your age and ability there are opportunities for you to compete at the level and in the way that suits you.

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Kids <10

Pre-teen 11-12

Youth 13-17

Adults 18+



Open Water





  • Australian Swimming Framework
  • The Australian Swimming Framework is a resource for coaches and parents to understand the recommended training loads for swimmers on the competitive pathway. Each of the 10 phases outline the recommended load for the swimmer.

    Learn more about the Australian Swimming Framework

  • H2grOw Project
  • The H2grOw Project is a research project looking at the different maturation rates.

    The read more about the H2grOw Project, click the below button.

    H2Grow Graph

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