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Splash is Swimming Australia’s tool to enhance your child’s swim experience as they learn to swim. It is a new platform and app for swim schools to improve communication and engagement between swim schools and parents. 

It's also designed to engage children on their swimming journey, making the process fun, rewarding and confidence building as they improve their swimming skills.


Swim Schools

You will get access to our App and Portal and nationally recognised programs to drive increased communication, engagement and retention of swimmers.


You will receive real-time progress updates and engaging rewards for your child as they progress to being a confident and safe swimmer, and fund in the water for life.


You will learn to swim and hone your race skills in a fun way. As you improve you will receive video messages from Olympic Dolphins, plus you will try new ways to have fun in the water.


The key features are:

  • Each learn-to-swim level displays skills, milestones and learning outcomes with live progress updates;
  • Communicate through easy to use Splash chat and push notifications direct to the swim school;
  • Digital awards for effort, teamwork, perseverance and having fun;
  • Video awards, certificates and messages from our Australian Dolphins Mack Horton, Ellie Cole, Cam McEvoy and Emma McKeon!

If you are a swim school operator looking for more information please contact Optus.Splash@swimming.org.au.

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