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From Queensland and South Australia to Victoria and Tasmania, we know each state may slightly vary in memberships, processes and meets (just to name a few!) With this in mind we've compiled resources and contacts from each state to make it easy for you to check out local information, user tips or get in touch with your State or Territory office. Please find these links below, along with the help guides and updates. As always, please get in touch with your State / Territory Swimming Association for further assistance.

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Swim Central Updates

  • Updates from the CEO
  • March 2020 - Upcoming System Update
  • Swim tribe, we’re pleased to advise that Swim Central will undergo an important update next week on Thursday 26 March, excitingly unlocking more than 20 useful features. 


    From enhancing functionalities around setting up events to membership transfers, these features will benefit the swimming community and minimise the anomalies currently within the operating system. 


    Some of the new release functionalities include: 

    • Ability to access documents related to events 
    • Additional multi-class categories across results, qualifying times and nominations 
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes 
    • Modified event set up workflow
    • Entity shopping trolley 
    • Additional information included in the meet attendees report 


    To minimise impact to our users, we have chosen to split the upgrade into two short system outage windows over consecutive nights.  As a result, Swim Central will be unavailable at the following times:


    • Wednesday 25 March between 2:00am - 3:00am (AEST) 
    • Thursday 26 March between 2:00am - 3:00am (AEST)

    More information will be provided post release of the new update, along with training guides designed and created by states and territories. 


    For more information on Swim Central, click here


  • December 2019 - Bio Island Australian JX Live Recognition
  • The Bio Island Australian Junior Excellence Program now has live recognition! For the first time in the program’s history, young swimmers will receive a congratulatory email alerting them to the new JX qualifying time they have achieved. If you have any further questions about JX live recognition, please contact clubs@swimming.org.au with your enquiry or visit the Bio Island Australian Junior Excellence Program page on the Swimming Australia website.


    Please note: Once Western Australia has transitioned to Swim Central, participants in WA will start receiving alerts too. Further information will be provided in due course. 

  • October 2019 - System Update
  • We are delighted to announce that a number of exciting improvements have been finalised by the technical experts driving the development of Swim Central and you should now notice the following changes within the system. 

    These improvements are specifically related to meet nominations and include:

    • Inclusion of eligible ages per race (for easy identification of age vs open races)
    • Clear identification of races you qualify, don't qualify for and have already entered
    • Inclusion of session numbers as well as race numbers
    • Seed time that will be used for entry now listed above the race result time
    • New information hover displays over race result, with meet name and date of meet
    • Ability to enter card details only once when completing multiple family member nominations (see below)
    • Ability for meet hosts to charge a mandatory meet entry ticket (i.e. meet fee) (see below)

    A big improvement is the ability to sell a Meet Entry Ticket, which is an enforceable ‘Meet Fee’ per competitor at a meet. Meet hosts can choose to sell a Ticket (Tix. tab), selecting the Meet Entry Ticket Type and choose for that ticket to be a nomination requirement (see our updated step-by-step guide for help)

    Another big improvement is the streamlining of the meet nomination process; especially for a family of multiple swimmers. Part of this streamlining allows for a payment token (within 15 minutes of last use) to be temporarily held when completing multiple family member nominations for the same meet.

    As this is a change to the current process, state and territory Swimming Associations have put together a range of resources to ensure a smooth transition for both club administrators and members. You can search for these resources via the tabs below.

  • October 2019 - Results Central
  • Results Central

    Good news! Results Central has a new home and can now be accessed via Swim Central as well as the Swimming Australia website.

    We appreciate your patience while we’ve transitioned Results Central from ClubLANE and MyLANE to Swim Central, and while we continue to work on updating this search tool. One of the updates to come includes adding the verified/unverified search function.

    You can now access Results Central on the Swimming Australia website here.

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