Ashleigh Gentle's Triathlon Attack

09 October 2019
Ashleigh Gentle

Calling all triathletes and open water swimmers for the latest iSwim set from professional triathlete, Ashleigh Gentle.

Triathlon attack is a great set for those targeting their first triathlon or open water swim.

The first iSwim triathlon set led by Olympian and World Champion Gentle will suit all levels of fitness, making it a great addition to the summer training program.


Ash Gentle - World Triathalon
Gentle competing in Abu Dhabi

The set starts with a warm up and some excellent drills working on hand entry, open water sighting, dead turns and pacing.

Ash started triathlon racing at 14, when she made the transition from running to triathlon. Initially to help improve her running times, but after feeling left out as she watched other athletes train in 3 sports when Ashleigh was running, she started training for the bike and swim and entered her first triathlon.

There some excellent drill work included in the set that will suit triathletes and open water swimmers who have to contend with race conditions. The dead turn will help you train for lost speed that happens when you turn around a buoy or clash with a swimmer.

Ash works on pacing and upper body focus in the main set.

4 x 200m working on pacing for a fast start and settling into a racing pace.

4 x100m pull and paddles to work upper body strength to save your legs for the bike and run.

Warming down with some nice kick to flush the legs out.

Triathlon is a demanding sport requiring Ash to train 3 times a day with the goal of making the 2020 Olympic team.

Ash's Triathlon attack is a great 2.2 km workout, perfect for honing skills and transitioning from the pool to open water swimming and triathlon racing.

Give it a try today. Download iSwim.

Ashleigh Gentle

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