Bondi Lifeguard 'Reidy' becomes a Swimfluencer

19 November 2018
Andrew Reid

Leading the effort to swim around Australia, Bondi Rescue’s Andrew Reid will take a change of pace from saving lives to inspiring them this January. Following the season 14 wrap of Channel 10’s multi-Logie award winning reality show, Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid has taken on the challenge of motivating the nation to join him in the summer challenge ‘Australia Swims’, where collectively the public will aim to swim 1 lap around Australia.  

Born and bred in Bondi Reidy has long been an advocate for leading an active lifestyle, after struggling with health issues in his younger years, the now 39-year-old is a self-proclaimed ‘fitness nut’ competing in triathlons in his spare time. With his charismatic Australian personality and passion for life, combined with the screening of Bondi Rescue in more than 190 countries, Reidy has become a household name and an ambassador for Australia. It comes as no surprise then that he was chosen to feature in the upcoming Tourism Australia TV specials airing on Channel 10 and globally on National Geographic. This won’t be Reidy’s first crack at a swimming centred event, learning from the successful run of the Bondi Lifeguards ‘Splash Series’ that takes place in Bondi, Sydney and Manly each year.   

Splash n' Dash

Acting as a nation-wide motivational coach Reidy will head the effort to inspire, encourage and cheer on his fellow Australians in this one of a kind fitness movement. Coming off last year’s success Australia Swims will return this January for another 9-day nationwide celebration of swimming.  Kicking off January 20 to 28 Australians are invited to show their love of swimming, from the beach to pool parties, ocean exploring, or backyard laps all are welcome to join in on the fun as we aim to collectively swim 35,877KM lapping this great nation.

For more information on how you can get involved, experiences near you, tips and tricks as well as a running total head to Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for regular updates, events, messages from some of our Australian Dolphins and more!

Reidy can’t wait to see you out in the water this Summer!

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