Coach & Athlete - The Break Through

03 June 2019
Adam Kable

Matthew Wilson started training with Adam Kable when he was 14-years-old back in 2013. He moved from the Blue Mountains when his coach retired to join Kable's elite squad at SOPAC in Sydney.

Fast forward six years to 2019, and together, they have accomplished three Australian team selections and now a Commonwealth Record at the recent Australian Championships in Adelaide.

For our new Coach & Athlete series we caught with the duo straight after this major career milestone to talk about the journey to get there.

"He follows black and white instructions quite well, there's not a lot of grey, which make things quite easy," Kable says of Wilson.

Of his coach, Wilson speaks fondly: "He never gets angry, but he hold you to a high standard." He was quite a good swimmer himself, so he does understand what we go through which is really helpful for us."

A couple of weeks out from the Australian Championships, Wilson got a bad migraine followed by some hamstring tightness which was diagnosed as a low grade strain. This reduce his training substantially in the weeks leading up to the event - the pair refer to this preparation as an "accidental taper".

Reflecting on the final of the 200m breaststroke Kable said: "I thought he went out too hard in the first 50, his stroke rate was a little higher. Normally we can tell how he's going at the 75m mark, and at the 125m I knew it was going to be a very good swim." 

It was quick. Wilson smashed his personal best and broke the Commonwealth Record in a sensational time of 2:07.16 to put the world on notice. The time placed Wilson as the sixth fastest of all time in the event. 

The journey hasn't always been smooth sailing for these two. In 2016, Wilson at 16 years of age, missed the Olympic team selection by 0.03 and only 12 months later another Australian team by 0.07. Wilson reflects on those challenges.

"They made me more mentally resilient and I feel like it's lit a fire in me to get a spot on that Olympic team."

Speaking of his pride in representing Australia on the world stage, Wilson noted: "It's such an honour. You grow up watching these guys and you want to be there competing on the big stage whether that's World Champs, Olympics or Comm Games. To put on that gold cap honestly means the world to me."

You can watch Matthew Wilson compete at the Hancock Prospecting World Swimming Trials in Brisbane next week. All the action starts on Sunday 9 June at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre.

Entry is free for those with registered tickets.

It's exciting to watch, and we can't wait to see what this partnership can produce next in the pool.

Adam Kable & Matt Wilson


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