Coach & Athlete - The Will to Win

25 September 2019

The will to win and the belief to be the best in the world. This is what Australian Dolphins Coach, Dean Boxall and his 19-year-old athlete, Ariarne Titmus talked about when we interviewed them both ahead of the World Championships in July.

Ariarne Titmus

We had the privilege of being a fly-on-the-wall at a few training sessions to capture behind-the-scenes of their unique partnership for our Coach and Athlete Series. This is a must watch!

They first met when Titmus was only 14 at a training camp in 2015 and Boxall could see the potential back then. Their formal partnership began when the Titmus family made the move from Tasmania to Queensland in pursuit of excellence and her Olympic dream.

Their journey feels like it is only in the first few chapters, with still so many years ahead to write history. But history they are already making with Australian Records, Commonwealth Records, World Records and now a World Championship title to their name.

Dean Boxall

This interview is an insight into the coaching relationship Boxall has with Titmus who he describes her as a 'tough cookie'. "She's always shown to be a highly committed athlete. She calls me a tough taskmaster, but she's tough. She gives as good as I get," says Boxall.

Dean Boxall

Speaking of her coach, Titmus says, "I think Dean is the most proud person on the swim team to wear the Australian colours." You can see the high performance environment is where Boxall is in his element. Thriving.

Boxall describes swimming coaching as an art-form. "People that are aspiring to be the best, I really like that. But not talking about it, not saying they want to be the best, but having this desire, this will to be the best."

You can see their connection which Titmus refers to as ESP. "I think he knows me better than anyone and he just knows exactly what to do, to get the best out of me." 

The will to win drives both of them, but there are loftier goals the two have set their sights on. They view the present day and achievements as stepping stones to what lies ahead.

One thing's for sure, we will all be following the journey to see what they can create together come Tokyo 2020 and it is clear, no stone will be left unturned.

View the full interview below.

Next up for the duo, is competing in the first leg of the International Swimming League (ISL) in Indianapolis, USA (Oct 6 - 7). You can watch live on 7TWO and 7Plus. Click here for more details.

Ariarne Titmus - Cairns 2019

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