Dolphins Inspire in the Pool

26 July 2019
Cate Campbell

There's no doubting the 2019 FINA World Championships have been exciting to watch. World Records have fallen, World Champions been crowned and exciting race battles been swum.

Our very own Australian Dolphin and iSwim star, Cate Campbell has continued her world-class performances in the pool. With already two gold medals to her name in the relay events, tonight after very slick swim in the 100 Freestyle Campbell claimed silver.

Cate's iSwim Set

But watching all this swimming leaves many of us wanting to jump in the water too. Thankfully with iSwim, you can train with the stars and do the swim sessions they've designed to get you fit, fast and fabulous!

You can get ready for the the beach in summer, the open water season or the Paris 2024 olympics with their favourite drills and sets.

You will find the instructional videos in the 'My Swims' section under 'Plan' (pictured right). Here's two of the recent additions to the iSwim training plans that are FREE for everyone to enjoy. Watch the short videos presented by the stars, then head to the pool to test them out.

Cate's Cardio Freestyle Set

Improve your freestyle skills and join Cate Campbell for her iSwim set.

Kicking things off with a simple warm up and three handy drills, including nail polish, pull buoy calf and tumble turns, swimmers can focus on engaging all parts of the body and finessing their freestyle stroke before progressing into the cardio centric main set. 

"You want to focus on getting those nice long and smooth strokes, making sure your elbow is high during the recovery part of your stroke."

When the set's all done, you can finish with a social kick set for cool down. Grab a friend, this is a great set.

Cate Campbell - iSwim







Mack's Mile

For those that enjoy a longer distance swim, Mack's Mile is the one for you. Presented by the one-and-only Mack Horton, he starts off with a mixed stroke warm up to ‘loosen up the shoulders”. Horton shares some of his daily drills and skills he uses to improve stroke efficiency and hip position.   

“Those drills will help set up your stroke length, which is what you’ll need in the main set.”

Splitting the main set up into three blocks with a focus on SCAT, translated to stroke count and timing for the uninitiated, the aim is to get the lowest number possible when you combine them.

“Count your stroke per 50m and add them to the time you get off the clock, with your goal to be getting the lowest number possible.”

Mack Horton

Keep your training interesting and swim with the stars on iSwim.

Plus, new sessions coming soon from:

  • Thomas Fraser-Holmes;
  • Emma McKeon; 
  • Michael Klim;  
  • Libby Trickett; and
  • more!




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