Fast and Furious with James Robert's Freestyle Fitness Set

29 October 2019
James Roberts

You would never have guessed that James Roberts used to be afraid of the water! After registering for Nippers as a young kid to overcome his fear, James discovered his love for the water and transitioned into pool swimming at the age of 17. Now he is a two-time medallist at World Championships. 

James Roberts

James' new iSwim set, Freestyle Fitness, allows every swimmer to challenge themselves. "It is great for general conditioning and for people of all abilities," says Roberts.

Starting off with a dry land warm up that involves rolling, stretching and activation, James then moves into a long pool warm up.

This set consists of a combination of kicking, drills and sprints over a 1km distance. He finishes the set with 6 lots of 10 second vertical kicking, which is sure to get your heart racing. 

"Having the little wins and doing things I never thought capable of doing makes it all worthwhile," says Roberts, who is excited to see the journeys of the "new faces" in the team. 

The main set allows every individual to challenge themselves, as they progress through a set of 20 x 50m freestyle broken up into 5 blocks of 4x50 on descending.

James Roberts

Roberts suggests you focus on your stroke length and counting your strokes throughout this set. The time cycles reduce by 5 seconds every block but you can alter this to suit your fitness level. 

Roberts, who won bronze in the 4x100m freestyle at the 2016 Rio Olympics loves how swimming challenges him "mentally, physically and emotionally", and is working toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

James Roberts

This set is perfect for those wanting to improve their freestyle endurance and to challenge themselves with a variety of drills and timings. It's great for those training for the summer's open water season and freestyle specialists.

Download the iSwim App now on Apple and Android to get swimming with James as your new freestyle coach. 

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