Flying into Fitness Friday with Andrew Lauterstein

03 May 2019
Andrew Lauterstein

For those looking for fun on a Friday, why not try Australian Dolphin, Andrew Lauterstein's new 'Fly Set'.

Andrew Lauterstein

The latest swim training plan released on the iSwim app promises to improve your butterfly technique. The beginner butterfly set features some drills and skill work that sets you up to maintain your stroke throughout the session.

"It's not the hardest butterfly session, but it's going to give you the opportunity to focus on technique, speed and timing," says Lauterstein.

There are countless benefits from completing this butterfly session. The top three would be:

  1. Butterfly burns the most calories of the main strokes;
  2. You'll build upper body strength and endurance; and
  3. You'll be the envy of everyone on pool deck as you dominate the pool with your beautiful butterfly technique.

Since winning a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics in the 100m Butterfly, Lauterstein has maintained his involvement within the swimming industry. He operates a swim school on the Mornington Peninsula and runs a swimwear business. He also dabbles as DJ on pool deck as 'DJ Louderstein' at some of the national swimming events!

Swimming remains part of his fitness regime along with cross fit.

The iSwim app has recently released a new version introducing a skills section to improve your swimming, a community feature to create your virtual squad with friends and also the technical capability to sync your Garmin smartwatch in addition to fitbit and apple.

Head to the Apple or Android app store and download iSwim or get the new update for free today and kick start your swim training! You can find the training plans in the My Swims section of the app.

Andrew Lauterstein

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