Get fit with Cate Campbell's Cardio Freestyle Workout

18 June 2019
Cate Campbell

Cate Campbell is no stranger to training hard and that's exactly what she inspires iSwim users to do with the newest program to launch within the app, Cate's Cardio Freestyle Set.

A freestyle sprint specialist, the Queensland native recently competed at the 2019 Hancock Prospecting World Swimming Trials where she clocked the fastest time in the world for 2019 in the 100m freestyle event. 

Using her expertise gained over three Olympics, three World Championships and many other global Aussie teams, Campbell guides users through an intermediate freestyle set with stroke and skills tips along the way.

Kicking things off with a simple warm up and three handy drills, including nail polish, pull bouy calf and tumble turns, users can focus on engaging all parts of the body and finising their freestyle stroke before progressing into the cardio centric main set. 

"You want to focus on getting those nice long and smooth strokes, making sure your elbow is high during the recovery part of your stroke."

With a short course World Record under her belt in the 100m freestyle, Campbell also shares helpful tricks for turns. 


Once the warm up and drills are completed, the six time Commonwealth Games gold medalist puts users through their paces as the cardio work begins. 

After an intense session the Dolphins leader encourages swimmers to cool down and reward themselves after a high energy set. 

Campbell is set to compete at the 2019 Fina World Championships in South Korea later this year as part of a 27 strong team. 

Download the iSwim app update and to access recently added features including the introduction of skills to improve your swimming, a community feature to create your virtual squad with friends and also the technical capability to sync your Garmin smartwatch in addition to fitbit and apple, it’s easier than ever to jump on in and have a go!

Head to the Apple or Android app store and download iSwim or get the new update for free today and kick start your swim training! You can find Cate’s training plan in the My Swims section of the app.

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Meet Cate Campbell

Cate Campbell
Learn more about the mind behind 'Cate's Cardio Freestyle Set'
Cate Campbell
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