Greatest Childhood Races

13 December 2019
Cam McEvoy

We all know our Australian Dolphins aren't born Olympic Champions. They work hard to get there. Greatness starts somewhere.

In this latest series, Greatest Childhood Race, we explore their most memorable childhood race, with them telling the story. It was hard to find someone without a story. Most knew the exact race they wanted to tell within moments. A pinnacle race that spurred them on to greatness in the sport of swimming.

Emma McKeon

Their tales cover the humorous, the mishaps and the inspiring.

Who lost their goggles, who stood up in the shallow end, who was racing a shadow, who will never race in a cap again, who raced with a broken arm and who broke records but was beaten by a girl?

We have so many great stories to tell from our Australian Dolphins.

First up in the series, Cam McEvoy tells us about racing in the Queensland State Champs at age ten. He is eyeing off the record.

To find out what happens, watch below.

 If you want to start your journey to greatness, head to swim finder to find your local club.


Greatness Starts Somewhere

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