Greatness in the Making: TSS Aquatic

17 December 2019
TSS Aquatic
Chris Nesbit

At TSS Aquatic, Chris Nesbit runs a tight ship.

We visited Nesbit and his elite squad on a Monday morning for the latest instalment in our Greatness in the Making series that shows the hard work behind the scenes for the Greatness Starts Somewhere campaign leading in to Tokyo 2020.

It's an early start, hitting the water at 5:30am, and don't be late.

It's a big squad and there's an extraordinary depth of talent. In 2019 five athletes were on the Australian Dolphins World Championship team (Cam McEvoy, Kiah Melverton, David Morgan, Maddy Gough and Kai Edwards) and three on the World Uni Team (Grayson Bell, Joshua Parrish and Alice Stuart).

Cam McEvoy


There's a plethora of freestylers and Nesbit has all the distances covered. From 50m sprinters to 25km open water, there's a specialist in his squad. Not to mention a talented group of butterfliers with David Morgan, Laura Taylor and Alice Stuart.

Speaking of distance, Cam McEvoy says: "We go right across the spectrum. We have swimmers that specialise in the 50m freestyle and a swimmer who's done the 25km. Every session there's one, two, three or four different sessions going on targeting different types of athletes."

The white board has two distinct sets today. Sprints and endurance. Both look gruelling.

TSS Aquatic

We chat to a few of the squad members to see where they are at in their preparation and what it's like being part of the TSS Aquatic squad.

TSS Aquatic

One of the experienced campaigners, Kiah Melverton, talks us through today's sessions.

"Monday morning we set it up for the week. We get in and do a really long aerobic set, maybe do some descending work, try to find our stroke, then get in a do some gym. Come Monday night it's a full on race-pace session."

The camaraderie among the squad is visible and infectious, noted Morgan.

"Our squad is very special. We have a really good group of people. Chris really does instil strong respect in the squad, but we really do have a lot of healthy banter that goes around," he said.

Leading the banter stakes and often the lane, Kai Edwards is crazy enough to take on the 25km open water. He's working towards the Australian Open Water Swimming Championships in Adelaide this January where he will vie for a top four spot as part one of the Olympic selection in the 10km event. Each month he would easily clock over 300km in the water, but with tapering for nationals, he has committed to swim 280km for the Swim to Tokyo challenge this Australia Swims campaign. 

David Morgan

There has been a lot of racing this year for the team and this continued right through to December. Members of the squad went to the US for the Toyota US Open to get some more racing under their belt. The Christmas break will be minimal with most still training away from the squad for the 

Nesbit aims to instil three main philosophies in the squad. "We just want to work hard, we want to be responsible for ourselves, we've got to be disciplined and have desire. They've got to want to be successful."  Judging by the work rate the whole squad are on board.

TSS Aquatic

We look forward to seeing what 2020 produces for Nesbit and his charge.

Watch the swimTV squad video below and see for what's next on the Australian swim calendar.

TSS Aquatic


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