Herzog brings the heat to iSwim

25 March 2019

‘Kurt’s Heart Rate Kicker’ – trust us the name doesn’t lie!

Australian Dolphin Kurt Herzog is the latest high-profile athlete to release their iSwim set, and this one is sure to get your heart racing.

Kurt Herzog - iSwim promo

As a bronze medallist at the 2015 World Championships in Russia, Herzog’s warm up alone is sure to “get the blood flowing” as he leads you through a swim and skill focus.

Demonstrating some of his favourite freestyle drills from the picturesque Bronte Ocean Pool, the Sydneysider leads users through movements that will “improve the efficiency” of their freestyle stroke.

Besides the general health benefits of swimming – building strength, endurance and an all-over body workout – Herzog’s set has the added benefit of providing a cardiovascular workout which is perfect for those who have minimal time for exercise but want maximum impact!


With suggested rest times throughout the program, Herzog recommends taking the time to cool down and reassess how your body is coping.

Kurt Herzog - iSwim promo

“Make sure you are checking in with your body and your heart rate throughout the session, it’s important to make sure you’re not over exerting yourself,” Herzog emphasises.

In similar fashion to those before him, Herzog has structured his iSwim set to be personalised by users, offering alternative options throughout the program to maximise the workout and health benefits.

“If you really want to push yourself you can adjust the set as you go.”

Herzog’s set is the fifth swim-star-led program to feature in the app, ahead of new updates set to launch soon. 

This set is a perfect complement for triathletes, open-water swimmers or any sportsperson seeking an overall workout. 

Head to the Apple or Android app store and download iSwim for free today and kick start your swim training! You can find the training plans in the My Swims section of the app free to access.

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