High Elbow Catch with Brenton Ford

02 June 2019

Brenton Ford has had swimming in his genes for longer than he can remember. His grandfather ran a local pool and coached when he first immigrated from Austria to Australia. His parents were both swimming coaches and ran a learn-to-swim business in country Victoria.

As a result, Brenton has always been in the water.

Brenton Ford

After making multiple National finals and coaching a Masters team to five National club championships he started Effortless Swimming. "I realised the traditional coaching methods I’d been taught growing up, didn’t work for a lot of swimmers," says Ford. "Effortless Swimming was a way to work with and share the methods that I’d had success with, to a larger audience from all over the world."

Brenton now shares his expertise with all levels of swimmers including triathletes, open water swimmers, Masters swimmers and competitive swimmers. We are excited to welcome Brenton to the iSwim family as he shares some of his most popular instructional videos created by Effortless Swimming.

High Elbow Catch

You can find the first of the Effortless Swimming 'Sunday Skills Series' on the iSwim app. Each are narrated by Brenton in an easy-to-understand language and clearly demonstrated with underwater footage making them easy to follow for all swimming levels.

In the first edition, Brenton explains 'High Elbow Catch', what is is and why it's so important. The instructional video provides drills to correct your arm position to improve your stroke efficiency and give you the maximum amount of propulsion. 

Go to Skills - Freestyle Drills - Intermediate to watch the 'High Elbow Catch' Endless Swimming video.

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