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13 April 2019
iSwim app

The iSwim app will change the way you train.  

Don't count the laps, make the laps count!

Please refer to frequently asked customer questions below.

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How to get the most out of your iSwim app

How much does the iSwim app cost?

iSwim is free to download and includes free content and functionality.



What does the iSwim app do?

iSwim has the current capabilities:

  1. Log a swim
  2. Track your swimming - see your stats dashboard including distance, heart rate, calories burnt, time and swim sessions
  3. Manually create your own swim session
  4. Sync with your smartwatch (fitbit, apple and Garmin currently compatible)
  5. Swimming tips, news and events
  6. Participate in challenges
  7. Training programs by the swimming experts including members of the Australian Dolphins Swim Team, Surf Champions and Bondi Lifeguards
  8. Video skills and drills from the experts to improve your stroke efficiency
  9. Connect with your friends and create a virtual swim tribe


Who can I contact for support?

iSwim is a product of Swimming Australia

Customer Service email - 


Issues logging in for the first time?

When logging into the iSwim app for the first time, if your message states you are already registered please use the forgot password link to finalise your login process.

If you still experience a problem logging in please email


Which smart watches are compatible?

The iSwim app can sync with the following smart watches that include swim tracking ability:

  • Fitbit Iconic
  • Fitbit Versa
  • Apple version 2, 3, & 4
  • Garmin

In the future there may be additional devices that are compatible.

When syncing your device, we recommend removing any devices that do not track swimming from your account before you try to sync.


Who is the iSwim app designed for?

The iSwim app is designed for both pool and open water swimmers. iSwim will be particularly appealing to the recreational swimmer with a keen interest in fitness, stroke correction and building speed and endurance. It is designed to keep you motivated, inspired and swimming more.

  • Lap swimmers
  • Open water swimmers
  • Club swimmers
Make Training fun

Why should I download the iSwim app?

Don't count the laps, make the laps count!

The benefits of the iSwim app include:

  • Keep you motivated
  • Track your progress
  • Latest swimming tips from the experts
  • Improve your fitness, strengthen your core, build muscle tone
  • Informative skills and drills to improve your technique
  • Be inspired by Australia's best swimmers
  • Take part in fun challenges
  • Win some great prizes
  • Get exclusive special offers
  • New content added regularly

Join the iSwim Tribe today! 

iSwim app

Who presents the training programs?

The following people have created a training program specifically for the iSwim app. This includes an instructional video and detailed description.

Maggie's Muscle Build
  • James Magnussen - Australian Dolphin
  • Ellie Cole - Australian Dolphin
  • Alastair Day - Professional Ironman
  • Georgia Miller - Professional Ironwoman
  • Adam Kable - Australian Dolphins Coach
  • Jake Packard - Australian Dolphin
  • Shayna Jack - Australian Dolphin
  • Brendan Hall - Australian Dolphin
  • Brenton Ford - Endless Swimming Coach
  • Brooke Hanson - Australian Dolphin
  • Sam Shepherd - Australian Dolphin and Open Water Champion
  • Emily Seebohm - Australian Dolphin
  • Andrew Lauterstein - Australian Dolphin
  • James Roberts - Australian Dolphin
  • Elijah Winnington - Australian Dolphin
  • Michael Klim - Australian Dolphin
  • Libby Tricket - Australian Dolphin

New presenters and programs will be added regularly.

Georgia Miller and Ali Day


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