iSwim launches skills and community

22 April 2019
Emma McKeon

A latest release for Swimming Australia's iSwim app has swimmers excited. The update introduces three new major features including: skills, community and Garmin smartwatch integration. Plus several other improvements have been made for the user experience and swim tracking.

In the first two months of the iSwim release has seen over 4,000 swimmers using the app and the latest additions are set to spark even greater interest.

Cate Campbell

The introductions of a skills section is designed to improve swimming efficiency. Australia's most proficient swimmers and coaches demonstrate how to develop the skills through professionally presented short videos.

The skills content will range from stroke drills, open water skills, water safety, mindfulness and dry land strength through to inspirational swimming tips. Users can expect regular additions to the content.

The skills section appears in the menu bar at the bottom of the app for easy access.

The second new feature, community,  allows users to connect and compare with their friends. This feature enables users to create their own virtual squad to stay motivated and join in challenges together. No more lonely lap swimming!

The iSwim technology helps recreational swimmers feel connected to their swim tribe and stay on track with their fitness goals, no mater where they are swimming. 

The community function can be found in the more section located on the bottom right of the app menu.

The third improvement allows Garmin smartwatch devices to be now compatible with the iSwim technology. All your swim workouts can automatically sync post training session. You can now add your fitbit, apple or Garmin device in the preferences section of your account profile.

The training plans content (located under My Swims) within the iSwim app continues to be extremely popular. With new training plans added each fortnight, they consist of a different focus and cater to a range of fitness levels. The latest workouts filmed will test and challenge swimmers, so users can expect some more advanced swim sessions soon.

These include the following training plans to be released over the coming months:

  • Mack Horton presents 'Mack's Mile' with a SCAT challenge;
  • Bronte Campbell presents 'Friday Freestyle Fun'; 
  • James Roberts presents 'Freestyle Fitness'; and
  • Elijah Winnington presents 'Win with Winnington' to get your race ready.

For the folks in to different strokes, we've got the following sets out soon:

  • Andrew Lauterstein presents his 'Fly Set' plus a pre-swim beach warm-up;
  • Koti Ngawati presents her 'IM Set';
  • Emma McKeon presents her 'Free & Fly Set';
  • Michael Klim presents a fun 'Swim with Klim' choice set that he's geared up for dads getting back into shape; and
  • Ali Day presents a 15-minute power workout for dryland set on the beautiful Coolongatta Beach.

Head to the Apple or Android app store and download iSwim or get the free update today and revitalise your swim training programs with inspiration from the elite! 

Andrew Lauterstein

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