iSwim wins big on engagement

07 December 2020

Swimming Australia’s iSwim app has won the ANZ Sport Technology Awards for Social & Fan engagement, two years after its launch. In a year that has seen sport challenged with restrictions placed in activities all over the country, it was great to have technology solutions to connect with our wonderful swimming community.


Netco sports, who developed iSwim are leading developers in sports apps and build custom platform for sports organisations worldwide such as the popular Tour de France app, the fan-favorite Juventus FC app, and the latest Sydney Cricket Ground app. 


Netco sports project manager, Thibault Hamel said"We were thrilled about the award, especially given this year’s difficult circumstances highlighting the need for sports to connect digitally.”


The iSwim app tracks your swim story including your lifelong stats, weekly or monthly stats on hours swum, kilometres and calories burnt, and also includes skills and swim sets by Australian Dolphins, Triathletes and Iron men and women.


We know that over five million Australians swim annually and the iSwim app is designed for all swimmers of all levels  - be that sprinters, distances lovers, open water warriors and those who like to keep their swims interesting with a mix of strokes.



Masters swimmer Sal Cuming said: "It was great to track my open water swims over the Victorian lockdown and see month by month how far we had swum in the bay.


“It doesn’t matter what level you are swimming at, there is something in the app for everybody.”


iSwim features a range of swim sets by our Australian Dolphins with excellent tips and tricks for recreational swimmers.


For the sprint fans


Cate Campbell's cardio set

Ben Popham's power workout

Maggie's muscle build


Cardio lovers

Mack's mile

Kurt's heartrate kicker

The Cole Classic

Jorden's fighting fit workout - dryland


All stroke Allstars

Koti's mixed medly set

Fly set with Andrew Lauterstein

Brooke's find your 30

Jake's breaststroke basics

Libby's sprint workout

Emma McKeon's Free and Fly


Open water warriors

Swim with Klim

Sam Sheppard's open water set

Kareena Lee's open water warrior.

Ali Day's 15 min power workout - dryland

Goergia Miller's beach workout - dryland

Ashleigh Gentle's triathlon attack


Distance lovers

Kiah's killer distance set

James' Freestyle fitness session


Congratulations to NETCO Sports - the brains behind our clever iSwim app and to our wonderful swimming community for diving in and going for a swim.

Download the app now! 



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