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01 April 2020

With local pools currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, those who love swimming will need to adjust the way they work out and stay fit, active and healthy.

If you swim once a week or five times a week, you’re probably also feeling disconnected to your swim tribe, but please know, we are all in this together and hopefully you’ll emerge with new skills, coping mechanisms and possibly more strength from all that dryland focus!

With this in mind, we look back over the wonderful workout plans that have been created in iSwim over the past 12 months, starting with professional Ironman, Ali Day.


Ali Day iSwim

This 15-minute power workout will give you an all-over body workout on dryland, so you can do it in your back or front yard.

Day takes you through each exercise with great tips and tricks on best practice.

Warm up with some inch worms, bear crawls, baby squats and Day's greatest stretch.

The main set comprises of four different exercises in 2x3 minute bursts, getting through AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

The exercises include:

  • 10 squats 
  • 8 situps
  • 6 push up
  • 4 burpees

Go through these as many times as possible in three-minute rounds. Have a 90 second to two-minute rest and then go again.

Warm down with box breathing.

All plans can be found under My Swims – Training – Plans.

And remember, if you’re lucky to live near the ocean and can still swim in open water, remember to log and sync your swims in iSwim.


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