iSwim Workout Wednesdays - Emma's Free and Fly Aerobic Set

27 May 2020
Emma McKeon

Fly and free specialist, Dolphin Emma McKeon, presents this week’s iSwim Workout Wednesday, which targets those wanting to build their aerobic capacity.

You can try this in a backyard pool, open water, or in an outdoor pool as restrictions start to ease in certain states. Check with your state and territory associations for more details.

Aptly titled ‘Emma’s Free and Fly Aerobic Set’, the Rio Olympian talks through the warm up, main set and cool down of her program on Swimming Australia’s free iSwim app, which houses plenty of workouts you can access for free.

In the water from an early, McKeon hails from swimming royalty. Her father Ron McKeon represented Australia at the 1980 and 1984 Olympics, while her uncle, Rob Woodhouse, represented Australia at the 1984 and 1988 Olympics. She also competed alongside her brother David McKeon at the 2016 Olympics – you could say swimming is in the blood.

"I just love being in the water. I was a water baby and we did everything around the water as a family," McKeon said.

Warm up

Part one:

  • 2x100m – consisting of 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke

Part two:

  • 4x50m
  • The first 25 metres is a butterfly drill consisting of two strokes on your left arm, then two strokes on your right arm, and then two normal butterfly strokes.
  • The second 25 metres is simply swim through freestyle

Main Set

  • 2x100m freestyle with 10 seconds rest in between both
  • 4x50m consisting of 25m butterfly, 25m freestyle with 20 seconds rest in between
  • 3x100m of easy choice
  • Repeat all components of the main set two more times, making sure you give yourself a minutes’ rest in between each set

Warm Down

  • 2x100m consisting of kicking on your back on the way up and then freestyle on the way back

The video can be found in Swimming Australia’s free iSwim app. Simply download the app from the Apple or Andriod store, open the app and head to My Swims – Training – Plan.

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