iSwim Workout Wednesdays - Jake’s Breaststroke Basics

20 May 2020


For those looking for an easy way to ease themselves back in the water as restrictions start to lift around the country, check out this week’s iSwim Workout Wednesday – Jake Packard’s Breaststroke Basics.

If you don’t have access to a pool, you can try this workout in open water for the time being.

Whilst Packard’s program is designed for an introductory level of fitness, he offers alternatives for the more advanced swimmer looking for a higher intensity workout too.

“Depending on what level of workout you’re after you can change the program up, doing some sets twice depending on the level you want to achieve,” Packard said.

Warm Up

  • 200m or 400m depending on your level of fitness

Consisting of:

  • 50m or 100m straight arm
  • 50m or 100m finger drag
  • 50m or 100m freestyle
  • 50m or 100m your choice


Packard explains the three drills below help gain length in your stroke, so getting as far as you can with each stroke, your efficiency and timing.

  • Breaststroke on your back – helps with efficiency and warms up all the muscles in your legs and arms
  • Two Kicks, One Pull – this helps with gliding and timing within the stroke
  • Breaststroke Underwater – this is good for power and resistance

Main Set

  • 5x50m breaststroke with 20 second rest in between, descending the stroke rate with each 50m. E.g.: Your first 50m might be 20 strokes, then the next 50m should be 19 strokes, etc.

Warm Down

  • 200m kick with fins on (if you have them)

The video can be found in Swimming Australia’s free iSwim app. Simply download the app from the Apple or Andriod store, open the app and head to My Swims – Training – Plan.

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