iSwim Workout Wednesdays - Jorden Merrilees Fighting Fit

15 April 2020
Jorden Merrilees

This week's iSwim Workout Wednesday is hosted by Australian Dolphin No. 804, Jorden Merrilees.


His ‘Fighting Fit’ boxing-based workout is perfect to relieve tension and there’s no doubt you’ll work up a sweat.


The Fighting Fit workout requires some equipment (see list below) and can be modified to suit the current challenges we’re all facing with staying and working out at home.


You will find Jorden's Fighting Fit session in Swimming Australia’s iSwim app. Open the app and head to My Swims – Training – Plan. Merrilees takes us through his workout with great tips and tricks along the way. 


And as always, please the adjust the session to suit your own fitness level.




  • Hand wraps
  • Gloves – valcro and lace gloves
  • Training buddy
  • Punching bag
  • Water bottle
  • Skipping rope

Warm up

Three-minute round

Skipping – three minutes continuous

30 seconds rest

Shadow boxing 5x10 punches – choose your own combo

10 x jab and cross

10 x jab, cross, left hook

10 x jab, cross, left hook, right hand


Main Set

Boxing bag work

3 x three-minute rounds with 30 seconds on 30 seconds off – adjust to your fitness levels


Abdominal work

Straight leg knee hug, 10 each side


  • Front plank for 30 sec
  • Right side plank for 30 sec
  • Left side plank for 30 sec

Repeat three times – depending on your fitness level

Sit up progression three ways

Warm down

Grab a well-deserved drink of water – well done on a tough workout!

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