Kiah's killer distance set

28 October 2020

Get ready for Australian Dolphin Kiah Melverton's killer distance set.

Kiah trains under Chris Nesbit with TSS Aquatic on the Gold Coast, with the 800m and 1500m freestyle as her pet events.


Like all distance swimmers Kiah is a hard worker and loves a laugh.



This is a big distance set, but like all iSwim sets it can be adjusted to suit your level of fitness and time constraints. The killer set starts off with a nice warm up.

Warm Up
200 swim
200 kick
200 pull
6 x 50m drill work
Odd 50m single arm drill - change arms at 25m
Evens 50m swimming with your head up (waterpolo style) and 25m swim through.


Main set

800m - 30 seconds rest

2 x 400m - 20 seconds rest

4 x 200m - 15 seconds rest

8 x100m - 10 seconds rest


This is a big set and as Kiah believes "you don't choose distance, distance chooses you"

If this wasn't enough, Kiah finishes off the main set with a killer kick set

Killer kick set
4 x 50m kick 25 max 25 easy


Warm down

Fins on for an easy 400m 100 freestyle, 100m backstroke.

Well done on a big set! Tag us @swimmingaustralia or use the hashtag #iSwim to let us know how you found the set.


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