Kurt's core workout.

15 July 2020
Kurt Herzog

Kurt's core workout is here!

Check out our latest iSwim set from Australian Dolphin Kurt Hertzog.

This two part program leads off with an excellent dry land workout focusing on rotation and core strength.

As Kurt says he likes to keep his training interesting! This set was filmed at the beautiful and wild Wylie's baths in Sydney.

Kurt starts the workout with 3 key stretches.

  • Rotation stretch
  • Combined elevation 
  • Hip flexor stretch

Then we move into 3 core exercises

  • Dead bug
  • Superman
  • Plyo jumps

Repeat each exercise until you feel fatigued.

Kurt's workout can be done anywhere with no training aids needed.

We hoped you enjoy Kurt's core workout and feel ABSolutely fabulous. Coming soon - Kurt's Core workout dry land and swim combo.


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