Mack's Mile - the latest iSwim Set

05 June 2019
Mack Horton

With Aussie’s elite swimmers gearing up for the 2019 Hancock Prospecting World Swimming Trials, the newest iSwim set focusses on stroke efficiency, so you can put those finishing touches on your stroke and get world trials ready.

Led by Olympic champion Mack Horton, ‘Mack’s Mile’ has been designed to mirror the gold medallists own training regime.  

Filmed at Harold Holt Swim Centre, a special location for the Victorian swimmer, the freestyle - focussed session is one for the intermediate swimmers.

“Harold Holt is actually where I learnt to swim, I was in swimming lessons at school and I was scared of the water.” 

Not something you’d expect from an Olympic gold medallist, it wasn’t until the final lesson that Horton put his head under the water - the rest is history.

Mack Horton

Starting off with a mixed stroke warm up to ‘loosen up the shoulders”, Horton shares some of his daily drills and skills he uses for stroke efficiency and hip position.   

“Those drills will help set up your stroke length, which is what you’ll need in the main set.”

Splitting the main set up into three blocks with a focus on SCAT, translated to stroke count and timing for the uninitiated, the aim is to get the lowest number possible.

“Count your stroke per 50m and add them to the time you get off the clock, with your goal to be getting the lowest number possible.”

With a Comm Games record under his belt in the 4x200m freestyle relay, Horton is well versed in finding optimal stroke efficiency for time.

“After finishing this set, you should feel more efficient in the water.”

Concluding the main set will put users at 1600m (one mile) on the dot, successfully swimming ‘Mack’s Mile’.

Download the iSwim app update and you’ll be able to stream the World Swimming Trials LIVE. Other recent updates include the introduction of skills to improve your swimming, a community feature to create your virtual squad with friends and also the technical capability to sync your Garmin smartwatch in addition to fitbit and apple, it’s easier than ever to jump on in and have a go!

Head to the Apple or Android app store and download iSwim or get the new update for free today and kick start your swim training! You can find Mack’s training plan in the My Swims section of the app.

Mack Horton


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