Mixing it up with ‘Koti’ Ngawati

16 May 2019

For folks who love different strokes, iSwim has launched a fresh new session with a mixed medley focus, which has been crafted by Australian Dolphin and Rio Olympian, Kotuku Ngawati.

‘Koti’s Mixed Medley’ set which was unveiled during a live launch at Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre on Wednesday, is the first individual medley (IM) session to hit the app and provides an all over body workout for users.

Touted as being physically more demanding because you’re utilising a greater number of muscle groups, Ngawati has ensured that the session can be performed by users of any fitness level – continually providing alternatives for those seeking a gentler session as well as those a little more advanced.

Aligning with the recent introduction of a skills section into the app, the Victorian swimmer demonstrates her favourite butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle drills, designed to improve swimming efficiency.

The world short course silver medallist emphasises the importance of perfecting skills rather than focusing on speed.

“Having a strong foundation and control over the basics is what will help you build up endurance and strength, don’t rush through your skills make sure you give them the focus they deserve,” Ngawati explained at the launch. 

The Melbourne Vicentre athlete takes the time to breakdown the swimming lingo in the main set for newcomers.

“IM switches means that with every 100m you do, you’re switching strokes, giving you a great opportunity to adjust your technique and work on your turns.”

Finishing off with a gentle 200m swim down, the session is perfect for those who get tired of solo strokes, giving users the chance to work on multiple disciplines.

With masters squads around Australia already incorporating the session into their training, ‘Koti’s Mixed Medley’ is sure to be a popular addition to the iSwim family.

Head to the Apple or Android app store and download iSwim or get the new update for free today and kick start your swim training! You can find the training plans in the ‘My Swims’ section of the app.

To find out more about Koti Ngawati check out her Dolphin profile under the fan section of the website, or click here

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