New features launch in iSwim

11 December 2019
iSwim training app

The latest version of iSwim has been released to the app stores and they are worth checking out.

Here's an overview of the latest features and what they do.

iSwim Dashboard

Lifetime Swims

You will find the lifetime swims feature on the home screen dashboard.

Previously you could only view your total swims for the week or month, but now you can see the total swims logged in iSwim (as pictured right). 

This includes as all the stats including distance, heart rate (if you have your smart watch set up), calories burnt, total swim time and total swim sessions. Just tap on 'Lifetime' to view your stats and all your historic data will display.

Now you can start setting some virtual milestone goals like swimming the English Channel or swimming around Australia!


Pools - swim finder

iSwim Pools

Now you can find a your closest pool by using the swim finder function in the app.

Through geo-location technology, swim finder can locate where you are and display the pools closest to you or you can search a specific location by typing in the search menu on the page.

You can filter this search by pool information (25m pool, 50m pool, learn-to-swim program, indoor/outdoor), facilities on offer (gym, parking, slides, disability friendly) and even set the search radius (5km, 10km, 20km, 50km, 100km)

This is especially useful when you are travelling and don't know the area well. You can still keep up your training program.

Within the swim finder section you can also select the facility to see more details, call them directly, visit their website or get instruction on how to get there with the google maps integration.


iSwim Skills

The growing content in the skills section has led us to improve the navigation so you can find what you want faster.

The swimming tips section, designed to help you improve your swimming skills, is now split in to three distinct categories: Drills, Challenges and Inspiration.

New content is being added weekly so be sure to check back regularly.

Have you seen the new iSwim Challenge to Swim to Tokyo? It's a fun team challenge taking place in January. To check out the video in the app head to SKILLS - CHALLENGES. Then to register head to the MORE ... menu to find the challenge and take part. This challenge will keep you motivated for all of summer. Get your swim tribe to join you.

Australia Swims to Tokyo


Other improvements launched:

  • The My Swims section now opens straight to the training plans so you can follow the swim sets by Australia's best.
  • In the profile settings you can now turn on and off the notifications from your friends.
  • You will be prompted to complete your profile so your friends can add you to their swim tribe.
  • You can challenge your friends to join you in a challenge then you can compare results.
  • The livestream capability has been enhanced, so expect to see more live events shortly including any iSwim LIVE events taking place around the country.
  • PLUS there's more new functions due to be released shortly.

To get the free update, go to the app store on your phone and select update.

iSwim Live

Coming soon on iSwim

  • Libby Trickett's new training plan will get you moving for #WorkoutWednesday.
  • The next iSwim function to be added will be the iSwim Event Calendars so you can discover swimming events taking place.
  • Open water iSwim LIVE sessions will take place in Melbourne and Adelaide over summer - details and booking info coming soon
Open Water Start

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