New week, new iSwim workout!

06 March 2019

New week, new iSwim workout!

Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Jake Packard, is the latest athlete to lend his talents to iSwim’s training programs.

Titled ‘Jake’s Breaststroke Basics’, Packard’s patented workout is designed for Australians looking to improve their skills, fitness and overall health.

As the first stroke-specific training program to launch, the Pan Pac silver medallist challenges swimmers to get “back to basics”, working to improve their stroke efficiency and technique in his breaststroke-centric session. 

Whilst Packard’s program is designed for an introductory level of fitness, he offers alternatives for the more advanced swimmer looking for a higher intensity workout.

“Depending on what level of workout you’re after you can change the program up, doing some sets twice depending on the level you want to achieve,” he said.



The marine biology student, who resides in Queensland, holds a passion for all things aquatic.

“For me it’s all about the enjoyment, you have to love what you do if you’re going to compete at the highest level,” Packard said of his own training regime.  

Marking the third training program to launch within the app, ‘Jake’s Breaststroke Basics’ follows the release of James Magnussen’s program, ‘Maggie’s Muscle Build’ and Brooke Hanson’s ‘Find your 30’ workout. Next week will see another famous face reveal their program.

Head to the Apple or Android app store and download iSwim for free today and kick start your swim training! You can find the training plans in the My Swims section of the app free to access.

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