Open Water Warrior with Kareena Lee

05 February 2020
Kareena Lee races in the 5km time trial.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!


Our latest iSwim set is composed by Australia Dolphin and Olympic open water qualifier, Kareena Lee.


Whilst not all of us are training for a 10k marathon, this set is beneficial for swimmers wanting to compete in an open water event and brave the conditions that come with the ocean.


Kareena Lee
Lee's iSwim set now available on Swimming Australia's iSwim app.


The warm-up takes you through a mix of strokes which is then followed by 400 metres of drill work including scull and kick manoeuvres on dead starts – common in an open water race.


Sighting is a great skill in open water events so you can see what’s happening around you, so Lee has included 8 x 50m head lifts to work on sighting and positioning.


While the main set is tough, it can be adjusted to suit your ability and time. The main set includes:

  • 4 x 400m working on a 70 per cent effort with a light kick.
  • 12 x 50m at 90% effort to work on the back end of your race.

 The best part of set – some may say – is the warm down; 100m swim 100m kick.


The Open Water Warrior is a 3.3km set that can be adjusted to suit ability and time which works on key open water racing skills such as sighting, dead starts and backend race pace – give it a go next time you’re in the water!

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