Sam Sheppard's open water set.

14 September 2020

Sam Sheppard, Australian Dolphin No 763 and seven times winner of the iconic Pier to Pub brings you a great open water workout.


Targeted at open water swimmers and perfect for spring training to kick off open water season – although we know Victorian swimmers have been toughing it out in the cold ocean due to pool closures during winter.


Sam's set adds some variety into your session, especially if you are swimming at the same pace each swim. This set mixes it up and works on key skills: drafting, pacing, starts and finishes – all excellent skills for open water racing.


Sam, who has a strong long history in both pool and surf lifesaving, advises to always swim in open water with a mate, not alone.


Sam starts with a stretch and warm up.

  • A steady 400m warm up.
  • Drafting 500m with the pack and changing leaders - a key skill in open water racing.
  • Pacing 500m - 30 strokes hard 20 easy to work on being able pace and accelerate.
  • Finishes - in and out. Sprinting, wading and duck dives.


The set is a 1.5 - 2km set that can be adjusted to your time and ability.


Enjoy your Spring swimming with our new iSwim set from Sam Sheppard.







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