Sprint with Libby Trickett in iSwim

18 December 2019
Libby Trickett

Libby's Sprint Work - latest iSwim set by sprint champ Libby Trickett.

Libby Trickett

This set will get cardiovascular systems firing and challenge swimmers to get out of their normal stroke routine.

Trickett, now with three children uses swimming for her own health and wellness regime. Pregnant at the time of filming the iSwim set, she loves how swimming can keep everyone active.

The main set challenges swimmers to work on different strokes.  2 x 4 x 50m with each 50m 25 sprint 25m easy.

Libby raced in both butterfly and freestyle which "improved fitness and strength making her a better athlete in her racing career"

Trickett emerged on the world scene in March 2003 at the Australian championships, by July she was a medal contender in multiple events at the 2003 World Championships in Barcelona.

At the 2003 World Championships, Trickett picked up her first individual medal on the international level in the 50-metre freestyle capturing the bronze medal,  then she won another bronze in the 4×100-metre freestyle relay.

Sprint Work is 1.2 km set that will fit easily into your daily routine with different strokes and a great workout.

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