Swim into Spring with Klim

30 August 2019
Swim with Klim

The perfect Father's Day set to kick off your pre-season swim training to get ready for the open water season.

Australian Dolphin Michael Klim presents 'Swim with Klim' for iSwim.

Swim with Klim

In the latest iSwim set to launch, Klimmy takes you through a session to focus on Relaxation, Rhythm and Range. "These are the three fundamentals I use in my swimming career and they'll put you in good stead," says Klim. "They'll get you swimming more efficiently, quicker and for longer." 

After learning to swim at a young age in India, he has spent his life around water and it keeps drawing him back. "I like the solitude of swimming. It's a place where I can get away and have time to myself. It's great for my health but also for my mental space, you really enjoy it, it's very meditative," reflects Klim. "If I feel stressed, I can go for a swim and always guarantee I feel better afterwards."

Klim currently shares his time between Melbourne and Bali where he keeps himself fit. Swimming remains a big part of his lifestyle. Encouraging others to swim, whilst in Bali he swims with recreational swimming group, 'Baby Sharks' as well as regular gym sessions.

The 1,800 set is split into six blocks of 300m and is a great set for open water swimmers, triathletes or lap swimmers alike to build fitness, endurance and relaxation. You can adjust the set to suit your level with each block having a different focus.

Swim with Klim

Klimmy completes the set with a 300m time trial challenge. Get your friends involved and beat yourself each time!

Keep your training interesting. The 'Swim with Klim' session is out now on iSwim plus you can try sets from other Australian Dolphins. Download now for FREE.

Michael Klim


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