World Oceans Day - launching Junior Citizens of the Reef

08 June 2019
Open Water

On World Oceans Day, we're excited to share news of a new ocean conservation program for kids called Junior Citizens of the Reef, which has been created by Nickelodean and Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef.


Our Australian Dolphins are proud to support this initiative and be ambassadors.

"It's an important message for the Australian Swim Team, this is our backyard and something we need to look after," says Mack Horton.

Kids can pledge to become Junior Citizen of the Reef and learn small every day actions they can do to help protect our beautiful Reef at !

Simple steps like reducing your single-use plastics, stop using plastic straw and using keep cups can all help the cause.

Join the Dolphins today.

#JuniorCitizens #SpongeBobReefSquad



Citizens of the Reef Team
Mack Horton, Shayna Jack and Jake Packard - ambassadors for Citizens of the Reef


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