World Record for Australian Channel Champ

17 August 2020

Victorian born Channel Champ, Chloë McCardel has taken the Men's World Record for the most English Channel crossings., Sunday August 16.


The multiple World Record holder has previously crossed the treacherous stretch of water a remarkable 31 times prior to this campaign.

Chloe completed her 32, 33, 34 and record breaking 35th crossing in just 16 days, a feat of endurance, true grit, determination and mental toughness in itself.


32nd crossing July 30th 9.44 min

33rd crossing August 4th 10.24 min

34th crossing August 7th 9.45 min

35th World Record breaker August 16th 10.40 min (unratified)


Choe McCardel - 35 Crossings

“I’m so happy to have finished my 35th crossing. Thanks so much to everyone on my boat today and everyone back home in Australia, your support has been amazing. I can’t wait to come home and thank everyone personally,” McCardel said.


“I’m really happy it’s done! I feel so elated to have finished that swim and to surpass the men’s world record. It was a harder swim that I imagined. There was a chance the swim was going to be cancelled because of heavy mist which can make channel swimming unsafe. Luckily, we managed and got through the mist. There are definite aches and pains, so it was a tough day in the office but super happy to finally hit 35.”


To undertake the four crossings, McCardel will have used 158,000 swim strokes to swim a total of 136 kilometres. Navigating two of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, with strong currents and waves of up to two metres. 


Over each crossing, Chloë stopped every 30 minutes for a liquid feed. This would be lowered down to her in a drink bottle via a rope and she will take 20 seconds to drink it while treading water with one hand, which is more exhausting than swimming freestyle. 


McCardel has used local support crew while adhering to all COVID-19 requirements including temperature checks.


Chloë is now second on the overall World Record list, behind retired English swimmer Alison Streeter MBE who has completed the crossing 43 times.  Two titans of marathon swimming.


From our swimming community in Australia, it has been so wonderful to follow and support Chloë 's epic journey. We hope the Channel Champ is recovering and resting, taking in her victory and the enormity of her feat.



To follow Chloë's epic journey 


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