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Greatness in the Making: TSS Aquatic

17 December 2019

We visited Nesbit and his elite squad to see greatness in the making.

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Greatest Childhood Races

13 December 2019

We all know our Australian Dolphins aren't born Olympic Champions. They work hard to get there.

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New features launch in iSwim

11 December 2019

The latest version of iSwim has been released to the app stores and they are worth checking out.

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Look like a Dolphin as you Train for Tokyo

08 December 2019

As you train for the Swim to Tokyo challenge, why not look like an Australian Dolphin! Swimming

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The Race to Tokyo is on for Australia Swims

01 December 2019

Fittingly launching on the first day of summer, Swimming Australia is proud to unveil its 2020 Au

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Team up and swim a marathon

27 November 2019

The inaugural ‘Swim the Gold Coast’, which takes place from Coolangatta Beach to Surfers Paradise

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Plenty of Splash at Bondi

16 November 2019

It was four seasons in one day for the 6th running of the Bondi Splash n’ Dash event in Sydney. 

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Skins Sizzling Sensation

07 November 2019

The return of the skins events to Melbourne Short Course.

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What's On in November

01 November 2019

On the eve of summer, November promises many swimming events as the open water season heats up.

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Fast and Furious with James Robert's Freestyle Fitness Set

29 October 2019

You would never have guessed that James Roberts used to be afraid of the water!

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Stretching the limits

20 October 2019

If there’s one thing important for all athletes to do before and after exercise to prevent injury

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Skins racing comes to Melbourne

18 October 2019

Skins racing is coming to Melbourne with a dash for cash knockout event.

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ISL: Round 2 Naples

11 October 2019

The new International Swim League (ISL) will make its first trip to Europe on October 13th-14th a

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Ashleigh Gentle's Triathlon Attack

09 October 2019

Calling all triathletes and open water swimmers for the latest iSwim set from professional triath

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Kick start with a kickboard

06 October 2019

Get creative with your kickboard and try these exercises.

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