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Lightfoot inspiring next generation

21 May 2019

Weeks on from the 2019 Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Championships, and Colby Ackland s

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Swimming Australia Celebrates its Volunteers

20 May 2019

Erin Collis is one of thousands of dedicated volunteers in the swimming community.

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The Bond

17 May 2019

'The Bond' features Australian Dolphin Elijah Winnington and coach, Richard Scarce

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Parents guide to clean sport

17 May 2019

How many hours should my child train? Can they eat that? Should they be taking this supplement?

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Mixing it up with ‘Koti’ Ngawati

16 May 2019

For folks who love different strokes, iSwim has launched a fresh new session with an IM focus.

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The Lifestyle Lane: Swimming Etiquette

06 May 2019

New to the pool? Here's some tips for lap swimming in the lifestyle lane.

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Flying into Fitness Friday with Andrew Lauterstein

03 May 2019

Australian Dolphin Andrew Lauterstein releases his 'Fly Set' for iSwim.

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Swimming lingo translated

25 April 2019

Some swim tribes speak a different language. Here's some of the swimming lingo you might hear.

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Shayna sprints to iSwim

23 April 2019

Sprint queen, Shayna Jack, is the latest Australian Dolphin to provide a workout for iSwim users.

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iSwim launches skills and community

22 April 2019

iSwim's latest release is sure to improve your swimming introducing skills, community and Garmin.

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iSwim app FAQ

13 April 2019

The iSwim app will change the way you train. Don't count the laps, make the laps count!

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Herzog brings the heat to iSwim

25 March 2019

Australian Dolphin Kurt Herzog presents ‘Kurt’s Heart Rate Kicker’ – trust us the name doesn’t lie!

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Why Not Me? Star-studded swim clinics inspire the next generation

22 March 2019

Why not me? Why can’t I go on to be a successful swimmer?

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Swim Central is here!

21 March 2019

Proudly created by Swimming Australia and its member organisations, Swim Central is our community

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The Best Superfoods for Swimmers

15 March 2019

Move over kale, the next generation of superfoods is here.

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