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Coach & Athlete - Blood is Thicker than Water

14 August 2019

There's nothing like a mother-daughter bond, especially as it transcends to a coach-athlete dynamic.

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Braving the Big Blue Seas

13 August 2019

It's the middle of winter and swimmers around Australia are stripping down and embracing the cold.

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Masters set to Make their Mark

06 August 2019

Disciplined, self-funded and motivated to train – our nation’s elite master swimmers look set to

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The Superfish Stars at the 1973 World Championships

27 July 2019

This week's World Championships has delivered memorable moments in spades.

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Dolphins Inspire in the Pool

26 July 2019

There's no doubting the 2019 FINA World Championships have been exciting to watch.

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Watch World's LIVE & FREE on Swimming Australia's app, iSwim

20 July 2019

Swimming Australia has secured the live streaming of the 2019 FINA World Championships in Gwangju

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Talking Underwater - World Champs Preview

19 July 2019

On the eve of the FINA World Champs James Magnussen, Elka Whalan and Bobby Hurley preview the races.

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Coach & Athlete - Russian Roulette

04 July 2019

For episode three of our Coach & Athlete series, 'Russian Roulette', we caught up with recent

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iSwim LIVE with James Magnussen

25 June 2019

Live iSwim session with James Magnussen

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A family affair for the iSwim Masters Relay

21 June 2019

The Campbell's joined forces to swim the Masters Relay as a family and what a team.

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Get fit with Cate Campbell's Cardio Freestyle Workout

18 June 2019

Cate Campbell is no stranger to training hard and that's exactly what she inspires iSwim users

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Event Livestream - new to iSwim

09 June 2019

The iSwim app now has the new functionality to showcase events live.

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World Oceans Day - launching Junior Citizens of the Reef

08 June 2019

On World Oceans Day, we're excited to share news of a new ocean conservation program for kids cal

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Mack's Mile - the latest iSwim Set

05 June 2019

With Aussie’s elite swimmers gearing up for the 2019 Hancock Prospecting World Swimming Trials, t

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Coach & Athlete - The Break Through

03 June 2019

Chatting with Australian Dolphins Coach, Adam Kable and Australian Dolphin Matthew Wilson.

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