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Herzog brings the heat to iSwim

25 March 2019

Australian Dolphin Kurt Herzog presents ‘Kurt’s Heart Rate Kicker’ – trust us the name doesn’t lie!

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Why Not Me? Star-studded swim clinics inspire the next generation

22 March 2019

Why not me? Why can’t I go on to be a successful swimmer?

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Swim Central is here!

21 March 2019

Proudly created by Swimming Australia and its member organisations, Swim Central is our community

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The Best Superfoods for Swimmers

15 March 2019

Move over kale, the next generation of superfoods is here.

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Paralympic Champion pens iSwim workout

13 March 2019

Australian Dolphin Ellie Cole presents her iSwim workout, 'The Cole Classic'

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New week, new iSwim workout!

06 March 2019

New week, new iSwim workout - 'Breaststroke Basics' presented by Jake Packard.

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Find Your 30 with Brooke Hanson

27 February 2019

iSwim’s training programs have been bolstered by the addition of a new ambassador! Olympic gold

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Aussie husband and wife team to receive top honours

22 February 2019

International marathon swimming superstars will make their way to Victoria next month, as Melbour

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Rottnest Swim draws a world class field

20 February 2019

A hidden oasis just off the coast of Perth, populated by wildlife, quokkas and tourists alike thi

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This Cat loves the water

19 February 2019

Although he admits you have to be a “bit crazy” to participate in the Rottnest Channel Swim, the

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Training programs launch in iSwim

18 February 2019

Keen to swim laps with James Magnussen? Need some extra motivation in the pool?

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Australia rises to swim challenge

17 February 2019

We did it! Clocking up a total of 40,358.43km, Australia Swims swimming challenge has wrapped fo

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Wodonga makes waves

12 February 2019

Swimmers from country Victoria had the opportunity to learn from some of Australia’s best last we

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Camps kick off around the country

08 February 2019

Australia’s top swimmers will begin assembling around the country this week for a series of techn

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Para-athletes receive major funding boost

05 February 2019

Swimming Australia welcomes the Federal Government’s announcement to boost funding for Para-athle

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