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Ongoing Development

There are many technical official roles that are available. This diagram shows the pool roles, and there are others for open water.


Many officials enjoy the opportunity to learn new roles, although there is no obligation to progress.

Online training resources:

  • For General Principles, Clerk of Course and Check Starter
  • For Timekeeper, Chief Timekeeper, Judge of Stroke, Inspector of Turns, Recorder and Starter please visit here.

Learner guide resources:

Unit 1LG1 General Principles
Unit 2LG2 Timekeeper
Unit 3LG3 Chief Timekeeper
Unit 4LG4 Call Room Supervisor
Unit 5LG5 Check Starter
Unit 6LG6 Starter
Unit 7LG7 Inspector of Turns
Unit 8LG8 Judge of Stroke
Unit 9LG9 Recorder
Unit 10LG10 Finish Judge Chief Finish Judge
Unit 11LG11 AOE Operator
Unit 12LG12 Meet Manager Operator
Unit 13LG13 Announcer
Unit 14LG14 Referee
Unit 15LG15 Referee – Multi Class
Unit 16LG16 Advanced Self Management