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Dolphins Dynasty

SWIMMING. More Aussies do it than any other sport. 1 in 5 in fact.

It’s part of our DNA. Our badge of honour.

And we’ve built Australia’s greatest sports team of the 21st Century: The Dolphins

Swimming Australia is powered by purpose. A purpose to continue to inspire the nation to swim.

And as we move down our green and gold runway to Brisbane 2032 we aim to build a DYNASTY for our sport, investing in its future, and we need your support.

The Swimming Australia Foundation will underpin this Dynasty, providing support for our four key pillars – Participation Pathways Performance – Purpose.


With over 5 million people who swim recreationally and competitively across Australia, getting, and keeping, people swimming is core to our purpose.


The next step towards the podium, our Pathway programs identify the best swimmers in the country, preparing them for the performance environment and further success.


Our Dolphins are one of the best swim teams in the world, we have some of the best performance insights that underpin our programs, and our coaches are world class. With some of the most successful Olympians and Paralympians currently in the pool, we set up our environments in both training and performance to ensure our athletes are best prepared for performance.


Swimming Australia is committed to having a positive impact on social outcomes, including sustainability, reconciliation and inclusion, ensuring our communities feel safe and included and our footprint is minimised to ensure we can continue to swim in a healthy environment for many years to come.

Further detail on key initiatives funded under the Foundation are below.

Your pledge of $25,000 per year to the Swimming Australia Foundation will support the pillars that underpin our business, ensuring the long term health and growth of our sport.


As a thank you for your pledge, there will be a number of opportunities to gather together as a collective at events to see how your donation supports our sport, and a little something to note your support of the Dolphins Dynasty.


Terms and Conditions

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