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About Body Empowerment

Body Empowerment is a Swimming Australia initiative which serves the whole-of-swimming community. We are providing resources and learning opportunities to help all members of the swimming community understand how to best support swimmers in developing and sustaining an empowered, resilient and educated relationship with their body.

The Commitment we anchor to is:

Every swimmer, every body, every day.

You will see this infused throughout Body Empowerment.

Everyone has an important role in supporting swimmers to feel empowered in their bodies, not only on pool deck, but also in everyday life. Together, we can recognise and understand the ways in which swimmers can be supported to feel good in their bodies, and ways to help make swimming a safer sport for everyone, in every body.


Identify your Role

Explore learning opportunities that have been developed, and will continue to be developed for you:

  • Coach: As a coach, you play an important role in empowering your swimmers to develop strong skills, both in and out of the pool in ways which support physical and psychological wellbeing.
    • Visit For Coaches for more information.
  • Swimmer: As a swimmer, you can use these resources to learn about what helps you to feel good in your body, what helps you feel good in the pool, and how to support your peers.
  • Parents and Supporters: As a parent or supporter, you can help your swimmer flourish to reach their full potential by being more informed yourself.
  • Swimming Community: As a valued member of the swimming community (whether you are a performance support professional, an administrator, or a volunteer or supporter), you have a key role in staying connected, spreading the word and guiding conduct in broader environments such as schools and local clubs.

Become familiar with Body Empowerment Key Messages

The key messages are anchor points for Body Empowerment and signify the most powerful ways we can all play our part in supporting the wellbeing of all swimmers, in all bodies.

Explore resources within your role where you’ll find topics such as:

  • Empower your Nutrition
  • Empower your Body Image
  • Empower your Language and Communication

Stay informed

You can sign up to learning opportunities that aim to support your specific role in swimming, and stay updated on news via the Body Empowerment Newsletter.

Throughout 2024 and beyond, Body Empowerment will be delivering learning opportunities and support through four pathways:

  • Live online webinars, specific to roles in the Swimming Community
  • Workshops to High Performance and Pathway Swimming communities
  • Formal learning for Coaches and Swimmers through online training modules (available in the second half of 2024)
  • Newsletter which will link to updated articles, resources and learning opportunities

Read more about Body Empowerment

These key messages are anchor points for Body Empowerment and signify the most powerful ways we can support the wellbeing of all swimmers, in all bodies.

These key messages will be anchored to five principles which will guide thoughtful and purposeful intention and action in the service of swimmer safety.


Find out more about the Key Messages and download your own copy

Who are we? The Body Empowerment Team

The Body Empowerment Leads are Ali Disher, Nutrition Lead at Swimming Australia and Fiona Sutherland, Director of The Mindful Dietitian and Body Image specialist.

Together, Ali and Fiona have developed the resources and materials that are available here, and with strong influence from voices of lived experience within Australian Swimming. Supporting Body Empowerment is a team of professionals located around Australia who bring a wealth of knowledge and on-the-ground experience with swimmers, and the broader swimming community.

Connect and be involved:

Take a look at the Webinars and Workshops for the swimming community, host a workshop at your club with a member of the Body Empowerment Team and sign up to the Body Empowerment newsletter to stay connected and hear about new resources and learning opportunities.

Contact your local Body Empowerment professional: