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Coach Accreditation

Australian swimming coaches gain their accreditation through a multi-level competency-based coach education system that helps the coach develop knowledge and practical skills to enhance their coaching ability over their coaching journey.

The Swimming Australia National Coaching Framework comprises 3 levels that are matched to the progression of athlete development from skill development focused community coaching to elite competitive swimming

  • Development Coach
  • Advanced Coach
  • Performance Coach

These levels of accreditation are described in the Swimming Australia National Coaching Framework by following the Coaching Framework link on the right.

Achieving Swimming Australia coach accreditation ensures coaches meet the minimum standards required to be able to run or oversee competitive squads or coach at competitive meets relevant to their level of accreditation.

The first step to gaining accreditation at any level, is to complete the relevant Coach Education Program. Details of the Swimming Australia Coach Education Programs can be found in the Coach Education section of the website.

Swimming Australia currently offers a range of coaching accreditation levels to support all stages of an individuals swimming journey.

Holding current Swimming Australia coach accreditation is the minimum requirement for coaching competitive swimming in squads within swimming clubs or other facilities and to be able to coach on pool deck at swimming competitions.

To understand more about the purpose and benefits of Swimming Australia coach accreditation investigate the links on the right.

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If you need further help with your National Coaching Framework enquiries, contact the Swimming Australia Coaching Development Team at coaching@swimming.org.au.