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Para-Swimming has a long and successful history and is ingrained into the Australian and world sporting landscape.

There are over 4,000 classified swimmers with Swimming Australia and over 400 Clubs supporting those swimmers across Australia.

Swimming Australia has partnerships with a number of organisations that support swimmers with an impairment including Paralympics Australia.

Swimming Australia supports athletes with an impairment through the pathway from grassroots participation to High Performance, and swimming is the No. 1 Paralympic participation sport for adults 18+.

At Swimming Australia an integral part of our values and identity is inclusion and we strive to make the sport of swimming accessible to people from a wide range of physical and intellectual impairments. 

Ranging from learn to swim, school and club competition right through to Paralympic level, Swimming Australia can provide the support and opportunities for people with a disability to engage and be involved in swimming.

There are two specific High Performance hubs for Paralympic program swimmers, one in Canberra and the other on the Sunshine Coast, integrated with the able-bodied hub.

All National Swimming Championships integrate both able-bodied and Para/Multi Class swimmers.

Swimming is the most popular Paralympic sport in Australia.