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The Swimming Australia (SwimAus) Performance Pathway is designed to prepare swimmers, coaches and support staff for a seamless transition into our Senior National Teams. The National Flippers Program is an integral part of the SwimAus Performance Pathway.

The SwimAus Performance Pathways team conduct a range of camps, activities and tours for improving athletic performance, learning about the team’s values and behaviours and providing education around a range of areas. The program also includes practical and educational opportunities for coaches and support staff. The program has activities for athletes, coaches and support staff in Olympic pool and open water events and Paralympic events.

Each year a National Flippers Squad is selected. These athletes are deemed to be in the window to become members of the Australian Senior Teams in future years and a majority of them and their coaches will take part in the Performance Pathway activities outlined above.

The criteria for the 2024/25 National Flippers Squad (Pool and OWS) can be found here.