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National Flippers Squad - Para

The Para Swimming National Flippers Squad (formerly National Development Squad) is an integral part of the Swimming Australia (SA) Paralympic Performance Pathway. The SA Paralympic Performance Pathway is designed to prepare swimmers for transition to the Senior National Team and achieve high performance success in and out of the pool. The National Development Squad program focuses on the knowledge, processes, skills and attributes required to help athletes and coaches improve and prepare to thrive under the demands and opportunities of high-performance swimming. (Further information on the Para Swimming Performance Pathway is available within the Swimming Australia Orientation to High Performance Para Swimming Handbook.)

Members of the Para Swimming National Flippers Squad are invited to attend a range of development workshop and camp activities. They are eligible for development planning and monitoring support, including Daily Performance Environment visits from the Paralympic Performance Coach. National Flippers Squad athletes will be benchmarked on technical, tactical, physiological, psychological, and behavioural attributes from training observations, completion of national protocols, and competition performances. For some swimmers, preparation for international classification may also occur as part of their individual development planning and support. This may include participation in international competition opportunities.

Ultimately the objective for swimmers in the National Flippers Squad is to prepare and accelerate progression towards international podium success. Progression to the Dolphins Australian Swim Team aims to be within 2-3 years from entering the Para Swimming Flippers program.

The full Para Swimming National Flippers Squad Selection Guidelines are available here.

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