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National Flippers Program

Identifying and developing extraordinary sporting potential is a tremendously exciting journey. 

Typically, it involves a rare blend of coaching art, science, environment and systematic planning. Sporting potential of this kind is often described as ‘gold dust’ – rare, valuable and requiring skilful handling along the journey to transfer into World and Olympic excellence.

To prepare Australia’s next generation of swimmers for senior performance excellence, the Swimming Australia Technical Leads have thoroughly reviewed the pathway program. 

Identified as a key priority for the future of our sport, the National Flippers program has been rejuvenated since its initial inception, however its core aim to discover and develop talent remains the same.

The tailored program – delivered at both a state and national level – is designed to prepare and nurture selected athletes who are showing potential, with the hope they can successfully transition to the senior team and represent Australia at major international events within the next four-six years.