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Grayson Bell has been a valuable member of the Dolphins squad since his auspicious debut in world competition in 2018, when he traveled to China to participate in the Short Course Swimming World Championships. During this prestigious event, he demonstrated his versatility as a swimmer by competing in an impressive array of eight events, including medleys, freestyle, and breaststroke.

Four years later, Bell’s remarkable talents were once again on display at the Short Course Swimming World Championships. This time, he ascended to the podium with confidence, earning a well-deserved gold medal in the men’s 4x50m freestyle relay and a bronze medal in the men’s 4x50m medley relay.

Bell’s vibrant and lively personality is apparent to all those around him, as he exudes an infectious energy on the pool deck. He brings that same passion and energy to his performances in the pool, which is evident in his results.

Interview with Grayson