Project H2gr0w

Project H2Gr0w

Project H2gr0w is a multi-faceted research project developed and instigated by Assoc. Professor Stephen Cobley (The University of Sydney) and Jamie Salter (Swimming Australia). The research project reflects a long-term collaboration between Swimming Australia and The University of Sydney and its respective community members. 

Project H2gr0w is primarily concerned with examining adolescence, the time period where increased growth (growth spurt) and development (maturation) occurs at different times between individuals, including our swimmers. Growth and maturation is related to many things, including physical performance, particularly at the age-group level competition. Project H2gr0w focuses on these relationships.

Video creation by Stephen Cobley & Jamie Salter; production by The University of Sydney & Laundry Lane Productions. 

Project H2gr0w Focus

  • Track growth and maturation in developing swimmers. Examine the relationships of growth and maturation on the various aspects of performance development;
  • Establish solutions that account for the influence of growth and maturation in development and performance; and
  • Provide educational resources and materials to inform all community members (e.g., coaches; practitioners) about the growth and maturation process


Project H2gr0w Team Members

    Project H2gr0w contains the following team members from respective institutions:

    • Jamie Salter, Project Lead - Swimming Australia
    • Ass. Prof. Stephen Cobley, Project Lead - The University of Sydney
    • Shaun Abbott, PhD candidate - The University of Sydney
    • Clorinda Hogan, Masters candidate – The University of Sydney
    • John Eisenhuth, IT Technician - The University of Sydney
    • Dr. Michael Romann, Swiss Institute of Sport, Switzerland
    • Dr. Mirjam Hintermann, Swiss Institute of Sport, Switzerland
    • Drew McGregor – Swimming Queensland
    • Lachlan Mitchell – Queensland Academy of Sport

    How to Get Involved

    Whether you are a swimmer (10-16 years, male or female), parent or coach, you are invited to participate and be involved in Project H2gr0w.  Our H2grOw Team will be in attendance at the following competitions throughout the 2019-2020 season:

    • Qld State Championships: 14-15 Dec 2019
    • Vic State Age Championships: 17-21 December 2019
    • WA State Age Championships: 20-23 Dec 2019
    • SA Swimming State Championships: 18-23 Jan 2020
    • NSW Country Championships: 21-23 Feb 2020
    • NSW Junior Metropolitan Championships: 7-8 Mar 2020
    • Vic Metro Championships: 6-9 Mar 2020
    • Qld National Preparation Meet: 21-22 Mar 2020
    • SA Swimming Mad March: 27-29 Mar 2020
    • NSW Junior State Age Championships: 28-29 Mar 2020

    If a particular state or regional event is not listed and you would like to participate in Project H2gr0w, then please contact us using the below details.

    Contact Us

    If have any questions specific to being involved in Project H2gr0w project, please contact:
    Email Address:

    If you have any general enquiries about the project, please contact:
    Jamie Salter (General Manager Performance Pathway)
    Email Address:

    If you have any research enquiries related to Project H2gr0w project or interested in post-graduate opportunities, please contact:
    Stephen Cobley (The University of Sydney)
    Email Address:

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